What is IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)?

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is considered one of the least invasive and simplest forms of infertility treatments. This procedure involves insertion of male partner’s or donor’s motile sperm into the woman’s uterus, usually during the time of ovulation.

This makes the passage to the fallopian tubes much shorter, and there is a better chance that more sperm will encounter the egg. The goal of this procedure is to improve a woman’s chance of getting pregnant.



  • Couples suffering from unexplained infertility may be candidates for the procedure.
  • IUI can also be used for couples in which the male partner cannot become or stay erect or is not able to ejaculate effectively, or at all. For example, retrograde ejaculation and if the man has an abnormal urethral opening (opening of the penis).
  • IUI may be helpful in women with anovulatory cycles.
  • IUI is helpful for women using Donor sperm. This is called Donor Insemination.


The success rate of IUI treatment ranges from 15% to 20% and depends on a number of factors. Most women conceive within 1 to 3 cycles of treatment, There are minimal side effects associated with this treatment and the recovery will be very quick. Having an IUI does not increase the risk of birth defects.

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IUI Procedure

IUI Process
After the initial consultation during which our specialist walks through the treatment process and helps the couple make an informed decision, the procedure would be scheduled at a specific date upon considering a wide range of factors.

The procedure involves insertion of sperm through the cervix with the help of a catheter. It is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure that does not even require anaesthesia and is performed within few minutes. It is generally a day care procedure which has minimal requirement for hospitalisation. Usually, the patient is discharged within few hours of the procedure.

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