What is Donor Sperm Program?

Sperm donor program

A donor sperm program involves the use of sperms donated by a person other than the husband or male partner for infertility treatment procedures such as IVF or IUI to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Sperm Donor

Who Can Be Sperm Donors?

  • Healthy males within the age group of 21-45
  • Those who do not have any genetic disorders or STDs
  • Those who have good sperm count with ideal motility rate
  • Those who are free from addictions such as drugs etc.
  • Those with a medically healthy family history
Embryo Recipient

Who Can Be The Recipients?

  • A very poor sperm count and/or motility rate
  • Suffers from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or some genetic disorders that may pass on to the woman or to the baby that she will conceive
  • Cancer patients who have undergone or is on chemotherapy
  • Unknown male fertility factors
  • It can also be opted by lesbian couples and single mothers who plan to have a baby.

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Sperm Donor Program Procedure

Sperm donor procedure
The intended donors will undergo extensive screening procedure where he will be tested medically, genetically and psychologically to make sure that sperms extracted from him can result in healthy off springs.
We also organize separate counselling sessions for the donor and the intended parents to explain them the entire process in detail. We direct them towards making an informed decision and set realistic expectations on the outcome.

What to Expect?

We, at Aeva Fertility, implement thorough investigation and counselling process to handpick donors and test them exhaustively to ensure that they are physically, genetically and psychologically fit for sperm donation.

While opting for Donor Sperm Program greatly improves the chances of conception, it doesn’t however always guarantee the pregnancy. There are other factors too that can affect the chances of pregnancy like the age of the woman, the quality of the eggs etc.

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