What is Oocyte Retrieval?

Oocyte Retrieval
To simply define Oocyte Retrieval, it is the process of extracting eggs from a woman’s ovaries. This procedure is generally a part of In-Vitro Fertilisation or IVF during which the healthy eggs are extracted to get them fertilized outside the woman’s body.

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Oocyte Retrieval Procedure

Oocyte Retrieval Procedure

A probe along with a needle guide is used under ultrasound guidance to exact ovarian follicles. The ovaries are constantly visualized during the retrieval process. The patient is sedated with anaesthesia before egg extraction to make the procedure completely painless.

After the completion of procedure, it is important to complete the full course of medicines, especially the antibiotics, even if you are feeling better. Take optimum rest and seek the suggestion of our doctor before getting back to your exercise regime or sexual activities.

What to Expect?

The number of eggs that can be retrieved at a time depends on certain factors like the maturity of the eggs or the Oocytes, the age of the patient etc. However, the number of Oocytes varies that can be extracted in a single cycle.

Our fertility specialists at Aeva ensure that the risk factor during and after the procedure is made negligible. We take special care so that no harm is incurred to the internal organs of the patient.

There can be slight menstrual cramps and vaginal bleeding after the retrieval for a couple of days but these generally subsides gradually. However, if you experience prolonged cramps, severe pain, bloating or a raised body temperature, you should get in touch with our specialist immediately.

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