What is Semen Testing?

Semen testing
Semen Testing or Semen Analysis is the evaluation of certain factors including the number of sperm, motility of the sperm, their morphology, and the consistency of the sample. This is considered the most important analysis in determining the reason behind male infertility.


  • Basic test which is done for a male partner when the couple is being evaluated for infertility.
  • Those who are looking to identify the cause for male infertility.


Semen analysis is generally used to assess a number of factors such as appearance, morphology, concentration, vitality, motility, pH, and Leukocyte presence. All these play a crucial in determining the quality and health of this biological substance. Our fertility specialist will guide you with the way ahead upon receiving the reports.

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Semen Testing Procedure

Semen testing process

The person whose semen is to be analysed is suggested to have 3 days of ejaculatory abstinence. After 3 days, the semen should be collected in a sterile container, generally through self-stimulation. We have a private room at the clinic for this so that the collected semen can instantly be sent for testing. If a person is not comfortable with this process at the clinic, he must ensure that he brings the sample within one hour of collection so as not to compromise its quality.

We have a team of experts and an in-house laboratory with latest equipment to carry out semen analysis and present error-free and timely report generation. Depending on the initial findings, a repeat test might be recommended to identify the results with more accuracy.

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