What is Cryopreservation?

Cryopreservation includes a range of procedures that are used to preserve biological substances such as cells, tissues, eggs, sperms, and embryos etc. at sub-zero temperatures. The process involved ensures that the collected biological substances are prevented from any kind of damage including ice formation and are preserved carefully.
Embryo freezing

Embryo Freezing

Embryo cryopreservation is the process of freezing and storing the extra embryos. The embryos are then thawed and used at a later time.

  • It will enhance the chances of getting pregnant if the IVF process fails for the first time so that the couple will not have to go through IVF again.
  • If the couple have a baby, they can use the embryos later to have a second baby.
  • Women diagnosed with cancer can save their embryos prior to starting with the cancer therapy.
Egg freezing

Egg Freezing

Women may choose this option if they have no current male partner or for personal/religious reasons.

  • Women diagnosed with cancer can save their eggs prior to starting with the cancer therapy.
Sperm freezing

Sperm Freezing

Sperms can also be preserved for future fertility treatment cycles or for artificial insemination. They can be stored for the donor program as well.

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We, at Aeva fertility, make effective scientific methodologies in cryopreservation program which deliver excellent results. We take utmost care throughout the process right from the initial, multiple tests that are needed to determine the viability of preservation. We ensure complete transparency in our discussion with the couples about sperms or eggs that needs to be preserved or utilized during the treatment. We have the couples involve in our donation program only if they agree to it.

These biological substances that are cryopreserved are equally useful and effective as their freshly generated counterparts and can result in normal and healthy babies. Couples need not fear that babies born from frozen sperm, eggs, or embryos would be at risk of any birth defects.

Aeva fertility is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to support cryopreservation of different biological substances. Led by specialists with decades of experience, we have become a trusted name in cryopreservation program.

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