What is Donor Egg Program?

A donor egg program is a process through which healthy eggs donated by one woman (donor) will be used by another woman (recipient) for the latter to get pregnant.
Egg Donor

Who Can Be An Egg Donor?

Woman can be eligible to be a donating of donor eggs if,

  • Should be in the age group of 21-34 who is willing to donate her eggs
  • NShould be free from infections like HIV, Hepatitis B and C, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, syphilis and cystic fibrosis gene.
  • NShould be free from addictions like drugs and smoking
  • NMust have no medical history of genetic disorders, personally and in the family.
Egg Recipient

Who Can Be The Recipients?

Woman can be eligible to be a recipient of donor eggs if,

  • She is born without ovaries
  • NShe is diagnosed with genetic disorders
  • NShe has attained menopause
  • NHer ovaries did not respond to medical stimulation She has poor egg quality that resulted in poor embryo development during past IVF cycles.

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Donor Egg Program Procedure

EggDonor process
Eligible donor will have initial consultation and counselling session with our expert who will help her make an informed decision. Once she has decided to go ahead with the process, she will undergo a few tests before the donation process is scheduled.
Donor’s ovaries are medically stimulated to generate multiple eggs in a single cycle. The eggs are removed with a needle place on an ultrasound probe through her vaginal tissues. The eggs are aspirated (suctioned) from the ovaries.

The retrieved eggs will be thoroughly evaluated by embryologist for quality. The egg will be fertilized by sperm which is extracted from either male partner or received from sperm bank.

We screen both the donor and the Intended Parents to ensure that they are free from all sexually transmitted diseases and genetic disorders. The Intended Parents are made to undergo blood test to investigate about their blood type and the RH factors.

We’ll ensure that recipient’s womb is prepared for the embryo transfer in time with the donor’s stimulation process, so that they are ready at the same time. Some extra precautions are taken if the recipient is above 45 years. She will be monitored for proper heart functionality and high-risk pregnancy related diseases by our gynaecologist who specializes in high-risk pregnancy.

What to Expect?

We, at Aeva Fertility, arrange for healthy donors (anonymous donors) for the Intended Parents .We offer counselling sessions to both donors and recipients to prepare them both physically and mentally for the procedure.

The identity of anonymous donor is generally not disclosed to the Intended Parents, they are just informed about her physical traits, her ethnicity, education, family background etc. The Intended parents can also opt for eggs from the egg banks within the donor egg program.

The success rate shows the average birth rate per embryo transfer is about 55 % for all donor egg programs. While using a donor’s egg generally does not always guarantee a successful pregnancy, it however enhances a woman’s chance of getting pregnant significantly. As far as donor is concerned, she will never have any fertility related issues from egg donation.

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