What is Donor Embryo Program?

Embryo Donor Program

This is a process through which an embryo (fertilized egg) is utilized to impregnate a woman, where the eggs involved in fertilization were donated by another woman. The sperm involved in the process may or may not be from her husband/male partner.

A significant number of embryos used in this program are fertilized eggs that are produced in surplus during certain IVF cycles which are donated, preserved, and utilized for enabling another woman to achieve pregnancy with this program.
Embryo Donor

Who Can Donate Embryos?

  • Those who are tested negative for communicable diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Syphilis.
  • Those who do not have a history of genetic disorders in their family.
Embryo Recipient

Who Can Be The Recipients?

  • Couples, where both partners have fertility related issues that are incurable.
  • Single mothers with fertility related issues.
  • Women who have suffered recurrent pregnancy loss due to poor embryo quality.
  • Couples, where both partners have genetic disorders.

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Donor Embryo Program Procedure

Embryo donor procedure
The donor is tested for and genetic disorders in addition to a complete review of their medical history before the process. For the intended recipients, a comprehensive evaluation of the past and present medical history of both partners is mandatory. They are tested for the communicable diseases and genetic disorders like the donor along with the blood type and Rh factors.

A thorough assessment of the pelvic area and uterus of the recipient is done. If she is over 45 years, we’ll monitor her for proper heart functionality and probable risks associated with high-risk pregnancy.

The procedure also includes multiple counselling sessions by our fertility experts and counsellors They guide the donors and intended parents in making informed decision and frame their expectations with a complete understanding of the process.

What to Expect?

Aeva’s team of proficient and experienced fertility specialists carry out the entire process with perfection and personalized care for the patients. All tests included in the donor program are performed in our inbuilt labs equipped with the most high-end apparatus that ensures faster and error free reports.

While the donor embryo program improves the chances of pregnancy, it however doesn’t always guarantee pregnancy. The success entirely depends upon the quality of the embryo prior to preservation, the age of the donor and the recipient and the number of eggs transferred. We, at Aeva, take utmost care in maximizing the chances of pregnancy through this process.

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